Umrah Deals 2018 to end the year with holy voyage

Inability to act upon the directions given by Allah is because you lack the acceptance of essence of religion. Islam is the only religion that gets you through all the needs of life. It teaches you all matters of life in a most convenient way, no forceful acknowledgements are acceptable. Poverty is not only about lack of basic resources but it also includes lack of faith and belief.

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There is only an ongoing show of acceptance but in reality there is only hollowness in hearts. Comprising religion in your daily life can always lead you to the real meaningful paths of life. So, to be a better human being we need to adopt religion with its complete essence, appreciate the divine book of Quran you have. It can always provide you answers for the questions you are looking constantly. No matter of life is supposed to be easy. Ever thought that the journey of Hajj and Umrah are physically tiring for anyone but it gives you a soothing feel of being pure and a certain satisfaction is felt by the heart. Sometimes pain is also a blessing of Allah if truly appreciate the essence and beauty of religion.

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